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The DPV is a vertical multistage pump in either SS304 or SS316. The DPVF is available with NSF certification, ANSI flanges, and NEMA motor stools. This pump is available with many different types of connections, including flanged, threaded, triclamp and Victaulic. This pump is now offered with a low NPSH impeller as well as myriad seal options.

Max Head: 1000 ft.
Max Flow: 800 USGPM
Max Temperature: 284 F

Modern Water booster pump


The DPHI is a horizontal multistage pump with end suction like connection orientation. This pump is available with many of the same features as the DPV pump.

Max Head: 500 ft.
Max Flow: 120 USGPM
Max Temperature: 284 F


The DPHM is a close coupled multistage pump. This is available in small sizes and is a favorite among original equipment manufacturers.

Max Head – 230 ft.
Max Flow – 50 USGPM
Max Temperature – 190 F


The DPVCI is a vertical immersible pump. This pump is capable of variable immersible depths, so specialization of this pump is standard. All DPVCI’s are selected and quoted to meet your application’s requirements. The DPVCI’s hydraulics are similar to the DPV in sizes 2/4/6/10/15.

Sample applications: Coolant Transport, hot water applications, and transport of lubricants for tools

Max Head: 837 ft.
Max Flow: 119 USGPM
Max Temperature: 284 F

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