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Loyalty Matters

Confidentiality, trust, and open communication make up a successful partnership. DP Pumps-USA listens to your concerns and needs, & we provide beneficial resources to help you and your customers—every step of the way.

DP Pumps Partnerships

With DP Pumps-USA,  pumps OEM’s and pumps distributors have a loyal pumps partner, receive competitive pricing, enjoy consistent premium quality, have access to sales & marketing resources and get over 100 combined years of multistage pumps & systems expertise.

For 60+ years DP Pumps has been the preferred ‘silent partner’ behind successful pumps OEM’s and pumps distributors in over 20 countries. Because we stay ‘behind the scenes’, our customers (who we mostly consider “friends”) have experienced sizable growth & success when using DP Pumps’ range of multistage centrifugal pumps & systems.


DP Pumps manufactures tens of thousands of vertical multistage centrifugal pumps per year and serves clients in over 100 countries. We partner with our clients in order to create cohesive relationships that are long-lasting and mutually beneficial. With the numerous pump manufacturers in the market today, and the opportunities you have to explore these options, we guarantee that a partnership with DP Pumps-USA is a continuous win-win-win for your organization, your customers, and us. We look forward to partnering with you while sharing our core values.

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